Welcome at dnth-it.nl


For a professional solution to all your computer problems, our computer help is the answer! We install new hardware and software. Solve your computer problems and also update your computer. 


dnth-it started as a real attic room company to support private users. Over the years dnth-it has grown into a company that can perform all common ICT activities. Still for private users. 


Prevention is often better than cure; therefore we not only solve your problems on the spot, but often with a few simple interventions and tailored advice can ensure that these, and other problems, occur much less. 


Our knowledge covers both old and state-of-the-art computers. We solve the problems as much as possible together with you to give you the chance to learn from them. dnth-it is often already involved in the preliminary stage of system and/or network solutions. After all, in consultation with the client or end user, the correct system choice and composition can be determined in good time. Considerations such as choice of network type, type of system, size of system (number of servers, workstations, installation environment, etc.) play a role in this. 

Computer trends

We closely follow all computer developments. This ensures that we can connect the latest equipment to you without any problems.