Guidelines for safe computer use

With all the attention paid to viruses, it is easy to believe that every file, e-mail and website contains a virus. However, the risk of infection can be reduced by taking a few simple precautions. Use your computer safely and advise others to do the same.

Always use a virus scanner and a firewall
Don’t open unknown mail but throw it away

General precautions

Do not leave a usb disk in your PC/laptop when you switch it off or reboot it. Only use USB sticks that belong to you. Distrust e-mail attachments you don’t know where they came from. Check if attachments were sent by the email writer. Newer viruses can send emails that appear to come from people you know. Configure your email programme not to automatically run attachments. Download and install all Microsoft security updates. Back up your data regularly. Store (write-protected) media in a safe place – preferably in a location other than your computer.